Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with vsFTPd

This Azure Cloud Image version featuring vsFTPd is an excellent choice for businesses of any size. vsFTPd is a highly regarded FTP solution for Linux/Unix systems. It is well-known for being both secure and user-friendly.


  • To upload and download files.
  • To transfer files between the server and your computer.
  • To connect multiple computers across the Internet in a simple way.


  • Virtual IP configurations
  • Virtual users
  • Standalone or inetd operation
  • Powerful per-user configurability
  • Per-source-IP configurability
  • Per-source-IP limits
  • Encryption support through SSL integration etc.

The following ports are required to be opened if you are using an NSG or firewall appliance:

  • 20 (FTP-data)
  • 21 (FTP)
  • 30000-31000 (optional, for Passive Mode)