SQL Express on Windows Server 2019

This version of SQL Express on Windows Server 2019 is a good idea for both small and large businesses.

Our product offers versatile application possibilities, including:

  • Utilizing it for small-scale application development, providing a flexible and efficient solution for creating new projects.
  • Using it as a valuable learning tool for honing your technical skills and gaining experience with modern technology.
  • Employing it for hosting web server applications, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Our image contains as well pre-installed SQL Express as SSMS to manage SQL bases

Please notice:

  • SQL Express is limited to 10Gb database
  • SQL Express doesn't support Failover Cluster and Log-shippin
  • SQL Express has no SQL Server Agent

Note: A small number of users have reported encountering an issue with the SQL service after deployment, where the status type indicates "Automatic" and the service shows as "Running," but the SQL server does not function properly. If you encounter this issue, simply restart the server and attempt to access the SQL server again. This should resolve the issue.